A&S Activities

Bribe to be Bard - Friday (After Torch Light Tourney)

Carraig Ban's Baronial Bardic Competition - "Bribe to be Bard".  Bring your best story, song, or instrumental piece to perform along with a bribe to the audience to sway them into your favor. Champion will be picked by populace vote and open to all who wish to compete, regardless of Kingdom allegiance.  Be prepared to carry the Epic Wyrd Fame of the Barony of Carraig-Ban! (champion sash included)

"Dirty Dozen" Largesse Derby - Saturday


How it works:

  • Entrants must create 12 items that follow a theme, such as: 12 needlebooks, 12 children’s toys, 12 linen coifs, etc…
  • Items bust be tagged with a description of the item, your name, home (Shire/Barony/Canton/etc), and materials used in case of allergies.
  • Items must be ready to be gifted the day of the derby (Saturday, Aug 26th).
  • Alcoholic largesse IS allowed, however it MUST be labelled that it contains alcohol & for those of the age of 21 & older.
  • Judging will be done by the "beads in a cup" method. Upon signing in at Gate, you will be given a bead to vote for your favorite largesse with. The voting period will begin at 10am and continue until 2 hours before Court that day.
  • The person who receives the most votes will be the winner! The winner will receive one item out of each of the sets of largesse. For example, if there are 12 entries, you will receive one of each of the other 11 entries. The winner will be presented with his or her prizes at Court! If you do not expect to be at Court, be sure your items also have your contact information!
  • The remaining largesse will be collected and presented to their Royal Majesties at Court!
  • Set up for the Derby will begin at 9:30am, location on site is to be determined.
  • You do NOT need to be a seasoned artisan to participate! We encourage any and all who would like to create largesse for their Royal Majesties to do so!
  • You do NOT need documentation for your largesse. This is not an A&S competition!
  • You can enter more than one set of 12 items. For example, you can enter a set of needlebooks, a set of linen coifs, etc…each set will count as one entry.
  • Don't think you can create 12 items on your own? Joint and TEAM entries are allowed! Just please include ALL of the names of people who contributed on your tags!
  • Please send any questions to Lady Castelhana da Silva

Midlands Regional Bardic Competition - Saturday

Saturday, after dinner there will be a bardic competition located at the communal fire pit across from One Paw Tiger Inn.  Judging will be done by populace vote.


Beginner's A&S Competition - Saturday

Calling all beginner Artisans.  This years at Baroness Wars there is a beginner's A&S competition. No documentation needed for the Beginner A&S Competition.  Judging will be done by populace vote using  beads.  This competition is open to everyone of all skills levels, but you must have a finished project.

POC - Master Gunnarr

A&S Competition - Saturday

Since this is Baroness Wars and this year there has been fighting over blue fabric.  We thought it would fitting to require blue fabric be somewhere on your display.  This competition is open to everyone.  Documentation is required.  Items must have been completed within the past two years.  Judging will be held by Laurels from the Midlands.

POC - Master Gunnarr

Midlands Brewing Competition - Saturday

Saturday, from 1pm-3pm at One Paw will be a Populous judged bewing competitiom.

Brewmaster - Master Jhondo