*Friday Night, August 24th

Glowing Ring Shoot - After Dark

*Saturday Morning, August 25th

Midlands Regional Adult & Youth Archery Tourney - MIC:  Reimar Erikson - Monster Mash - 9am-12pm

  • Targets are classic monsters; zombie, vampire, werewolf and Frankenstein's monster   
  • Frankenstein's monster scoring will be 1 points for arm or leg, 3 points for body, 5 points for head.   
  • Zombie scoring will be 3 points for leg, 1 point for arm or body, 10 points for head.   
  • Vampire scoring will be 1 point for arm or leg, 2 points for body, 3 points for head, 10 points for heart (with the heart being a roughly 2 inch wide by 3 inch tall oval)   
  • Werewolf will be 1 point for arm or leg, 2 points for body, 3 points for head.   

Of course as we all know, certain monsters are vulnerable to certain effects, as such, a variety of "modifications" will be available for arrows.  The modifications will be selected by shooting one of the 12-inch circles at short distance. Modifications available are: Fire, Silver, and Holy Water.   

The "modifications" boost scoring or allow scoring as follows:  

  • Fire gives double points on Frankenstein's monster. 
  • Silver gives double points on werewolf.  
  • Holy water gives double points on vampire and zombie.  
  • Unmodified arrows don't score on werewolf.  
  • Unmodified arrows only score heart shots on the vampire.   

Shoot will be 4 ends; 6 arrows untimed, 45 second timed end, 30 second timed end, 15 second timed end.   

A bonus of 10 points will be awarded for use of period equipment. Period equipment will be as defined in the Society Target Archery Marshal's Handbook, October 2016 edition.  Equipment does NOT need to match persona.

*Saturday Afternoon, August 25th

Companie of Ayerton Archers Novice Tournament – 1pm-4pm

  • Designed for those who DON’T have their own equipment. 
  • Loaner gear will be available
  • Royal timed slot and Heart wrenching shoots

*Sunday Morning, August 26th

Royal Round or IKACs - 9am-12pm

  • Depending on participation

Clout and Long Distance Walk Up - 1pm -4pm     


Contact the MIC

Marshal - THL Robert Thorne