Heart of the Midlands


The Heart of the Midlands tournament returns! Last year the was so amazing that we want to continue to do the same thing.  Just as last year, each group that enters will be making something for a different group. The entries will once again be judged by Ladies of the Rose with the winning group receiving the Heart of the Midlands banner for a year and a day BUT every entering group will walk away with whatever was made for them! DEADLINE TO ENTER IS March 1st. Group names will be drawn and groups will be notified.

How it works:

  • Notify Lord Christofle by March 1st that your group wants to participate. Tourney is open to all Midlands groups, cantons included. Make sure to include preferred point of contact for the group AND any suggestions of things your group might need.
  • After the drawing, you will be notified what group you are making something for along with any suggestions of things that group might need. You do not have to use any of their suggestions if you have other ideas.
  • As a group, make something for the group you have been assigned. This is meant to be a GROUP effort and ideally more labor intensive than expensive. Please limit costs to $100 or less.
  • REMEMBER! This is a secret competition, don't tell anyone else who you are making something for. You can send "spies" to learn more about your designated group to gain additional ideas! Attending one of their events is a great way to do this!
  • At Baroness Wars VI, all the entries will be judged and the winning group will receive the Heart of the Midlands banner for a year and a day. Then each group gets to take home what got made for them!