4:00 pm - Site Opens

5:30 pm - Meat & Great (Fire Pit)

7:30 pm - Twilight (Bad-ass Baroness) Tourney (Rapier & Heavy) 

TBD -  Twilight Archery shoot, weather and timing permitting


8am - 9am: Breakfast (Hosted by Shattered Crystal)

8am - 9am: List Fields & Ranges Open for Inspections & Authorizations 

8:30am:  Coursing of the Hounds Set-up

9am - 4pm: Thrown Weapons Tourneys

9am - 4pm:  Archery Tourneys

9am - 12pm: Rapier & Armored Combat Tournaments

10am:  Newcomers Tour - Meet at Troll

10am - 10: 30am: Largess Derby, Heart of the Midlands A&S, & Beginner A&S Competition Set-up (A&S 1)

10am - 4pm: Classes & Heraldic Consultation

10:30am - 3pm: Beginner’s A&S Challenge,  Largess Derby, Heart of the Midlands A&S, & Beginner A&S Competition (A&S 1)

11am - 3pm:  Gaming Tourney

12pm - 1pm: Lunch Break (Sandwhichs and more)

12pm - 1pm: Royal Luncheon 

1pm - 4pm:  Rapier & Armored Combat Melees 

1pm - 3pm: Brewing Competition (One Paw)

1pm - 3pm:  Bardic Competition (Fire pit)

TBD:  Evening Royal Court

TBD:  Evening Meal: One Paw 

TBD:  Heart of the Midlands Tourney

After Court  - Drunk Duckling & One Paw Tiger Inn will be open.  As well as Bardic, Dancing , and general SCA Fun.'

*Combat activties may be subject to change based upon the weather*


8:00 am - 10:00 am - Farewell Breakfast 

12:00 pm - Site Closes